My High 5

Expressing gratitude to others at work can have a profound and positive impact on the culture of your team. In fact, studies show that appreciation and recognition improve employee engagement, productivity, and connection. When employees know that their best efforts are acknowledged and valued, their happiness and work performance reach new heights.

Each employees has seven "high fives" to send each month.  Set a goal to use all seven this month to spread joy, gratitude, and recognition.




Looking for more resources? Check out the Learning Organization for an activity guide and supplied resources as tools and the EEWB Reources SharePoint site to encourage building a workplace of gratitude, which were created as a result of the feedback employees provided in the County’s Employee Engagement and Well-Being survey​.


Special acknowledgement to TSS who created the My High 5 App as a way to acknowledge the power of workplace recognition. This app is an easy and fun tool that allows you to send notes and badges of appreciation. ​

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