How To Use My High 5

First, set up your User Settings in the app.  These settings will allow you to customize
how you would like to receive high fives, including if you want your manager notified. Here’s how:

  1. ​Open Google Chrome and type in​​  
  2. Click on User Settings to change the notification preferences.
  3. Press “Save” to keep your preferred settings.
  4. Press “Home” to return to your budget unit’s “wall”

To send a high five to a coworker, follow these quick steps or view the tutorial video.

  1. ​Type in the name of the recipient in the Search bar. First or last name works. And select their name from the employee list.
  2. Next, click the purple box on the submission page with the recipient’s name listed.
  3. Select the values the recipient has demonstrated and type in your recognition message in the comment box. 
    Check the box if the recognition is COVID-related.
  4. Then hit “Submit High Five” and you’re done!
  5. Both the recipient and you will receive an email notification, if you have selected to receive in User Settings.

Tips for sending a stellar high five:

Be specific.  Be purposeful.  Use meaningfully. 

  • You have seven high fives to use each month, so it is important to use them wisely! 
  • General recognition is nice but be specific because it is more Specificity is​ personal and meaningful.  ​

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