My High 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Giving High Five

Q. ​​​​ Why is there a limit to the amount of high fives we can give per month? 
A.  High fives should be meaningful and purposeful. High fives should be associated with ​a specific project or activity. 

Q.  Why did you decide on seven high fives versus another number?
A.  We initially tried five and decided on seven.  We can easily change the number of high fives if needed.  For now, the feeling is that seven is the right number.

Q.  What happens when I run out of high fives to send?
A.  Each month you will get a new batch of high fives added to your personal user bank.  Unused high fives do not rollover.  

Q.  Can I give myself a high five?
A.  No. You can only send high fives and receive them from your colleagues. 

Q.  Why were those specific six award values chosen to be measured when giving a high five? 
A.  Those six award values come from TSS’ core values. 

Q.  Can I select just one value when giving a high five? 
A.  Yes, you can select one or all, but you must choose at least one. 

Receiving High Fives

Q.  Can I hide my award from the ALL Wall/public feed?
A.  Yes, the ability to hide your high fives is a configurable option on the User Settings page.

Q.  Will the My High5 be a contributing factor towards my annual review? 
A.  No, it is not a factor for your annual review.  My High5 was created to boost morale and allow co-workers to easily connect. 

Q.  Do I need to choose the setting to have my manager receive notification of my high five? 
A.  No.  You can leave it blank or you can assign someone else to be notified. 

Q.  What happens if someone posts a high five comment that is inappropriate? 
​A.  Report the posting to your manager and they should then contact the TSS-AIM2 team immediately. AIM2 can take the posting down from public view. 

About the app

Q.  Are usage analytics tracking the app by department?
A.  Yes. Access to app analytics can be provided.

Q.  Where are the department and employee names pulled from in the My High5 app? 
A.  The department names come from our PeopleSoft database, and the employee names come from our Azure Active Directory. 

Q.  Where is the My High5 App hosted? 
​A.  My High5 is a new cloud app running in the Azure Cloud.

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