Camp Well

#CampWell2020 was the Employee Wellness Division’s first virtual summer camp for employees. During July, participants shared pictures of themselves living actively, eating healthfully, and being creative for a chance to win weekly prizes. Although this wellness campaign has officially ended, we encourage all employees to use the resources below to create fun and healthful challenges amongst your teams and departments, whether you are in the office or working remotely. 


Each week during our campaign, the Employee Wellness Division shared “Camp Tips” and suggestions based on one area of well-being:

CampWell-2020-schedule Updated

Our participants followed these “Camping Rules” to participate: 

  • ​Step 1: Participants checked out our “camping” tips and did a wellness activity based on the theme for the week. 
  • Step 2: Participants took a picture of themselves doing a wellness activity (see examples below). 
  • Step 3: Participants posted and captioned their photos on social media with #CampWell2020.


Examples of “Camp Photos”:

CampWell Photo Examples

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Please note:  By participating in our Camp Well 2020 campaign, I understand it is my decision to complete any weekly activities at my safety and comfort level. I agree that the County of Santa Clara, its employees, and agents bear no responsibility for any injuries or damages I incur as a result of my voluntary participation in this campaign. Also, by submitting your photos and videos or by using our hashtag, you give the County of Santa Clara’s Employee Wellness Division the right to use the images and videos in current or future communications. This consent shall remain in effect until terminated in writing and I understand that the County cannot cancel publication or recall any distribution.

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