Random Acts of Kindness

What is (RAK) Random Acts of Kindness?

RAK is an initiative to practice, spread, and embed more kindness each day at home, work, and communities. 

What are the benefits of RAK to me and others?

No matter small or large, a random act of kindness has been shown to create a ripple of positive health & well-being effects to others around us: coworkers, patients, clients, family, and friends.  


How can you perform RAK at work?

Random acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes, and the possibilities are unlimited. Some ideas include:

  • Writing “thank you” post-it note/email for a job well done. 
  • Smiling​.
  • Gifting a surprise treat (i.e. a chocolate square).
  • Handwriting a birthday card.
  • Sending virtual highfive (MyHigh5 app).
  • Checking in and asking “how are you?”

Looking for more ideas and inspiration?

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