Take Time 2020

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Take Time Campaign 

Tips & Resources are available for your own mindfulness practice. 

Take Time 2020 is a 30-day campaign to help County employees practice self-care by slowing down and carving out a few moments in your day for yourselves. During the pandemic, many of us are feeling burnout and exhaustion. It’s even more important now to take time to recover, re-energize and improve your personal well-being. We encourage you and your team to take this challenge on anytime during the year as a way to recenter and reconnect. Each week, you'll focus on and practice one area of mindfulness.

Why Mindfulness? 

What do you think of when you hear the word “self-care”? The great thing is that self-care can be different for each one of us. It can be any mindful activity that helps you rest and recharge from life’s demands such as taking a quiet break from work, getting more sleep, going for a brisk walk, meditating with an app, preparing a healthy meal or doing your favorite hobby. The possibilities are endless.


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